Mini Gaming PCs with full power graphics packed into small Gaming cases
Unleash the full power of PC Gaming onto your big screen HDTV!  

Choose from space saving mini cube PC's, or select a GTPC model for a low profile chassis ideal for home cinema setups.

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Titan 460 HTPC | Ultra HD 4K Home Theatre PC | RX 460
Radeon RX 460 2Gb Graphics Card 3.3Ghz Dual Core Intel Pentium G4400 8Gb DDR4 2133Mhz RAM 240Gb SSD fast system drive Massive 3000Gb (3Tb) second storage drive Smooth 4K UltraHD Video Playback Full UHD...
GTPC 1060 | 4K Gaming Home Theatre PC | Nvidia GTX 1060
Quad Core Intel Core i5-6400 NVidia GTX 1060 EVGA 8Gb Dual Channel DDR4 RAM 256Gb M.2 PCIe SSD (NVMe) 1000Gb Second Storage Drive High performance PC Gaming Smooth 4K Ultra HD Video HDMI 2.0b with HDR...
GTPC 1070 - 4K Gaming Home Theatre PC - Intel i7-6700, Nvidia GTX 1070
The GTPC 1070 is a premium next generation 4K Home Theatre Gaming PC, featuring an NVidia GTX 1070 series graphics cards with HDMI 2.0b technology for true Ultra HD (2160p @ 60Hz) output. The Nvidia GTX...